The Classy Gurgaon is a Gurgaon-based firm that provides custom interior design services for commercial and residential projects. We offer a comprehensive range of interior design services and a broad collection of custom-designed furniture and lighting products for project Palaces and Villas, Offices, Retail Showrooms, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Furnished Apartment, including all elements of interior like wooden works, gypsum decoration, flooring, decorative finishes and furniture design. Our professional team has an extensive experience in all aspects of profession including conceptual design, space planning, interior construction documents and interior design. We are committed to architectural integrity and accomplished in a broad scope of design styles. Our Team is personally involved in the design and supervision of every project.

We present our team of creative and professional Site Managers, Engineers, Interior Designers and Sales people, who will be working all together to make sure that you get the best interior design service within the required time frame. We are proud to say that we create interior that will never seem outdated and also meet all your personal needs.